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The First Family

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What happens when one day you’re elected to be the prime minister, but your family is obviously not set up for the occasion?
“The First Family” is a drama series that follows the lives of the most important family in Israel – the prime minister’s family.
The story begins with Shaul Agmon being elected for prime minister. All of a sudden, this Tel Avivian family leaves their comfort lives by the beach and moves to this heavy guarded no open windows house at Balfour St. in Jerusalem.
His most important people in his live – his wife, Diti, his daughter, Libi, and his son, Golan, now have to cope with the fact that dad / husband is now the leader of their country, and they do it so differently.
Each of the characters goes into their own private prison. The fact that they cannot open the windows at the house and that they have security cameras which record every movement and every conversation they have, is just too similar to actually being in jail.
Starting from the first moment, the political life intrudes their house and their lives. Based on true stories, we will see how their lives change and how Shaul’s work starts to influence every bit of their lives – physically and mentally. It gets to a point in which they no longer distinguish between their personal interests and what they perceive as a national interest. Even the romance part of their series, in which the daughter of the prime minister is having an affair with the imitator of her father’s figure in the satire national TV show, is subjected to all external perspective and critical of the people, the media and above everyone – her father, the prime minister and supreme authority.
Unlike the formal political world, the really powerful characters in the series are women, the old saying that behind every man there is an even stronger woman, is well showed here.
The series deals with these women and tries to wonder about the hatred of women towards other woman – in the press and media, and in between one another. The women characters include the mother of the prime minister, the housekeeper, the secretary, the prime minister’s wayward sister and more.

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