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“Sirens” is a fantasy thriller set in Eilat, the southeast city in Israel that holds a border with Egypt. Shelley is a refugee officer who is very loyal to her work and it sometimes seems that her work is more important to her than her family.

When Maya’s (Shelley’s twin sister) body, who allegedly drowned 17 years ago in Sinai (a city in Egypt on the border of Israel) is found, Shelley’s life changes. The body wasn’t found back then and now it turns out that her sister didn’t drown at all. The body that was found is a body of a 32 years old woman, who is almost identical to Shelley .Shelley, who is banned from taking in part of the formal investigation, decides to have her own investigation with the help of Roee, her colleague. During the investigation, Shelley and Roee expose the secrets of all of Maya’s past relationships.

What happened to Maya of all these years? Where has she been? What secret does the city of Eilat and its residence hold and what do the refugees have to do with it all?

This is an exciting, fresh and out of your mind show.

3rd season is shooting these days..

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