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Mom and Dads

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This bold and witty comedy contains three parents: a gay couple and single straight women, who just had their new baby and are trying to navigate their way in this new family jungle. A jungle where there are no rules or traditions.


Mom and Dads brings a new look and approach to the family concept, and redefines it with a new and more updated prospective. The series tests – using its drama, emotions and a lot of humor – the family structure in the third millennia.

A lot of new models came to light, and one of them is joint parenthood – the kind of structure chosen by the heroes of this series.

So what makes us a family: genetics? Living under the same roof? Romantic love? Mutual care and friendship?


Our heroes are going to test those boundaries, in order to find out what would be the right way to raise their child. And it’s going to be funny, moving and entertaining.

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