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Nine high school students find themselves living together in a sort of a city commune, in a penthouse of a teenager who always sleeps. Welcome to the world of Euphoria, where the age of 17 is the new 30, and parenthood just died.


Euphoria draws a sexy, disturbing and bold profile of the ones born in the nineties. It is packed with non-stop drama that gives the viewer a sneak pick to the teenagers’ world: the hot love stories and stress.


The heroes of the series live in internet fantasies, drug hallucinations, narcissism, masturbation and trauma. They become a community – in a city full of loners. Together, they chase the euphoria and trying to avoid paranoia.


Until one night, an innocent boy is being chased by a car in front of a night club. It’s a men’s hunt. The boy gets hurt and falls to the ground. He’s praying for his life and yells “It’s not me”, before the driver – another teenager – lifts him off the ground and stabs him to death. Our heroes were there that night, and the nightmare begins.

Euphoria is a dark and edgy drama that sheds a light on teenagers around the world – not the role models, but the ones manages to fight another day in order to survive.


Euphoria was created by Oscar nominee Ron Leshem and got a lot of social awareness due to the important topics it dealt with.

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